Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories
SkyMax Star + Boxer 220s

SkyMax Star + Boxer 220s

New paramotor unit by SkyMax Paramotors  – SkyMax Star with Boxer 220s – is a hit for sportsmen and those who are keen on power and speed!

The new paramotor has only 30 kg (66 lbs) weight (no fuel) and 112 kg thrust (with 3 blade carbon propeller).

SkyMax Star with Boxer 220s includes:

 – light, tough and modern titanium frame with the increased cage diameter (1520 mm)

 – powerful 2-cylinder engine Boxer 220s with clutch by Sky engines (Italy)

 – E-props carbon propeller with 3 blades (1400mm)

 – SkyMax soft fuel tank for 15l

 – SupAir or SkyMax harness at your choice

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