Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories
EOS 100 Booster

EOS 100 Booster

– light weight 
– simplicity 
– smooth quiet running 
– low consumption 
– centrifugal clutch 
– membrane carburetor with choke 
– coil ignition with long life span 
– auto decompressor function for easy start-up pull
– reliable 
– made in Austria

Model: EOS 100 Booster
Weight:  9,75kg (with exhaust – all complete)
Thrust: >60kg, 130cm prop.
Power: 21,6HP (15,9KW) at 9500RPM
Manufacturer: EOS Engine, Austria


The new EOS 100 Booster Paramotor engine features with:

•The very light engine is built small, nicely and compact with the use of only highest quality materials. Well manufactured in all details by the use of most modern techniques with a smart constellation of components which are perfectly working together.

•The engine is easy to start up, with a smooth and constant run at idle. The well adjusted carburetor together with the unique HIFLOW-SHOT air box care for an even run in all revolutions. Perfectly balanced crankshaft, fly wheel and shafts care for a low vibration. The fan cooling prevents the engine against overheating and allows long duration runs at full power.

•Power & thrust

•Considering the small size and very low weight, the moderate compression ratio for a durable and long life span, the small displacement, the engine gives an optimum thrust and astonishing power. By additional improvements the new EOS 100 Booster generates more thrust and power than our EOS 100. Rest of the features stay more or less same (see technical data).

•Reliable quality, with users allover the world.

•The well proven engine concept and the use of highest quality materials and components, the best workmanship and accurate engine assembly, all grant for a highest quality product and reliable engine run throughout a long period of operation.

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