Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories


Dudek PowerSeat Comfort Low-S

This harness weighs 3,0 kg in S/M size. Soft arm pads and back support increase pilot’s comfort during both launch and flight. Thick foam of the backrest additionally isolates pilot’s back from the paramotor frame and dampens the vibration. Powerseat Comfort Low is dedicated for both novice and experienced PPG pilots. It is suitable for […]

Sup’air Harness

Sup’Air Paramotor EVO with SkyMax Paramotors logo on it is the most comfortable harness at the moment. PARAMOTOR HARNESS WITH ALL POSSIBLE HOOKING POINTS. Left or right side adaptable side reserve parachute pocket. Most popular Powered Paragling ( PPG ) harness world wide. Sizes : S / M / L Weight : 3395 g (Medium […]

SkyMax Paramotors Harness

SkyMax Paramotors Harness weights only 2.3kg/5lb Fasteners Australpin.