Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories
SkyMax Star frame

SkyMax Star frame

Light and strong Star by SkyMax, it’s good both for beginners and experienced pilots. It is light and has an excellent performance characteristics.

Frame weight is only 4.7 kg (without the fuel tank). Soft fuel tank weights 450g.

Used materials:

  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminium-magnesium alloy Frame/Chassis;
  • Titanium S-Bars;
  • Titanium Cage Hoop (1420mm);
  • Titanium Struts;
  • Hand woven Dyneema protection net (yellow, red or blue).

The frame goes with SkyMax Soft Fuel Tank for 15l (incl. Polini pump, fuel system lines).

Frame colors available (free of charge): black (standard), red, blue, golden orange

Options available for extra fee:

  • 18l soft fuel tank (+200 euro)
  • 1520mm cage (+360 euro)

    Frame is customized for any engine type you need, one or more (Moster, Polini, EOS, Miniplane, Cors Air, Cisco Motors, etc.).

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