Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories
SkyMax Pulsar + Moster 185

SkyMax Pulsar + Moster 185

The NEW SkyMax PULSAR PARAMOTOR with MOSTER 185 PLUS compliments the existing SkyMax product range and weights only 21 kg (46,3 lbs).

  •  Designed for experienced pilots
  •  35% lighter than Star frame
  •  Improved aerodynamics
  •  Compact
  •  Fully titanium
  •  8 minutes assembling/ disassembling


The Pulsar paramotor includes: 

  • titanium frame Pulsar
  • engine Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus 
  • soft fuel tank for 8l 
  • Dudek Powerseat Light harness with reserve container (sizes L or M)
  • 2-bladed E-props propeller 1.25/1.3
  • Vittorazi throttle
  • the Pulsar travel case


  • Net weight 3,5 kg (3,9 kg including fuel tank)
  • Cage diameter 1420 mm
  • Frame, cage, horns, rods material – titanium
  • Net material – Dyneema
  • Horns- S-type
  • Torque Compensation System installed as standard
  • Weight Shift System installed as standard
  • Frame colors available: blue, orange, black
  • Net colors available: yellow, blue, red

Engine technical parameters:

  • Cycle: 2 Strokes
  • Swept volume: 184.7 cc
  • Power: 25 hp at 7800 RPM
  • Consumption: 3.0 liters/hour at 30 kgs of static thrust, propeller 130 cms at 5200 RPM
  • Weight: 14.3 kgs Manual version / 15.6 kgs Dual version
  • Max Thrust: 75 kgs prop. 125 cms at 8500 RPM / 78 kgs prop. 130 cms at 8500 RPM

The soft fuel tank has the following specs:

  • 8 lites that suffice for 1-hour flight plus some extra fuel reserve.
  • Made of 2 layers of fuel-resistant nano plastic material which is strong and doesn’t let any smell of the fuel out.
  • High resistance to stretching and scratches.
  • Has no cover, as it is placed underneath the pilot’s seat.
  • Transparent, so it is easy to check the actual fuel level
  • The fuel can be used till the very last drop as the tank shrinks whilst the fuel is used. 

The Pulsar travel case is specially designed for the comfortable paramotor transportation:

  • case sizes and its weight with the unit under 32 kg allows to take it as a standard luggage in the airplane. 
  • hard bottom made of ABS plastic 
  • two transportation wheels
  • shoulder straps to bring the case on the shoulders when you cannot use wheels 
  • four handles on the upper, left, right and bottom sides to transport the case comfortably
  • special insert to fix the engine reliably inside 
  • fixing straps inside the case to hold beams and cage sections 
  • safety straps to prevent the case opening in case of zipper damage during the airplane transportation 
  • volume 140 l
  • dimensions 880*570*400 mm


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