Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories


E-props for Moster 185

Vittorazi’s new cooperation with E-PROPS, has led to the development of a set of new propellers dedicated to the range Moster185 engines. The surprising lightness (about 700g) combined with the high resistance of the carbon fiber, has allowed to reduce acceleration times of the propeller providing a quick thrust and an immediate resumption of rpm. […]

Helix for Moster 185

The company HELIX Carbon GmbH develops and manufactures carbon fiber propellers since 1990 for a wide range of applications. Starting with a staff of three people, propellers were developed for the paramotor and PPG Trike market. Today, Helix has 10 employees working on our 1000sqm facility at the Merzbrück airfield producing an average annual volume […]


E-PROPS propellers : the lightest propellers on the market. Full carbon, they allow to reach the best performances on aircraft, ulralights, UAV and paramotors. Designed and manufactured in France (Sisteron, Provence), since 2008, by a team of 17 people, in a 1.700 m² workshop.

SkyMax propeller for Moster 185

Wooden SkyMax prop for Moster. Made in Italy. 115cm or 125cm Weight: 1kg/2.2lb Rid. : 2.68 and 2.87