Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories


SkyMax Star + ATOM 80

We recommend this combination for any kind of PPG except for slalom. It is perfect for light-weighted pilots up to 80 kg with qualitative 20-24 m gliders. Vittorazi’s ATOM 80 is light-weighted reliable and safe engine. It weights only 10,5 kg and the whole SkyMax Star+ Atom paramotor weights only 19 kg!!!. It feels like […]

SkyMax Star frame

Light and strong Star by SkyMax, it’s good both for beginners and experienced pilots. It is light and has an excellent performance characteristics. Frame weight is only 4,7 kg with the fuel tank. Used materials: Anodized aircraft grade aluminium-magnesium alloy Frame/Chassis; Titanium S-Bars; Titanium Cage Hoop; Titanium Struts; Hand woven Dyneema protection net (yellow, red […]

SkyMax Star + Moster 185

Light and strong Star by SkyMax is a new light and compact model paired with Vittorazi Moster engine (75kg of thrust) which weighs only 22kg. It is good both for beginners and experienced pilots and has a good performance characteristics. Vittorazi engines are well known as light and trouble-free paramotor engines and the Star frame is one of the […]

SkyMax Standard

Skymax Standard with Moster 185 Classic engines is a strong, rigid and utility paramotor for beginners’ level. Made of stainless steel it weights only 25 kg, which is not much for this material. Manufacturer: SkyMax Paramotors/ Vittorazi weight: 25kg engine: Vittorazi Moster 185 Classic thrust: 75 kg material stainless steel harness Skymax accelerator: Vittorazi prop: Skymax chassis: […]