Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories

SkyMax Titanium exhaust for Vittorazi Moster engines — update!

There are two prototypes of exhaust for Vittorazi Moster engines on the pictures. At the moment, these prototypes are successfully tested in different climatic zones with the result of about 15 hours flight. Ten hours more and we are going to start sales (the appearance will be improved – stainless steel part will also be matte).
Some facts about the exhaust system for the Vittorazi Moster from SkyMax:

– designed for the entire range of Moster engines, including MY19

– materials: stainless steel, titanium

– solid body (2 parts)

– the form of the body completely repeats the design of Vittorazi (does not affect the operation of the engine)

– weight reduction in comparison with the exhaust from Vittorazi is 1.5 kg (1.6 kg versus 3.2 kg)

– significant savings in fuel consumption compared to Vittorazi exhaust

– reduced noise compared to Vittorazi exhaust

– retail price 400 euro.