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Paramotors and accessories
SkyMax Standard

SkyMax Standard

Skymax Standard with Moster 185 Classic engines is a strong, rigid and utility paramotor for beginners’ level. Made of stainless steel it weights only 25 kg, which is not much for this material.

Manufacturer: SkyMax Paramotors/ Vittorazi
weight: 25kg
engine: Vittorazi Moster 185 Classic
thrust: 75 kg
material stainless steel
harness Skymax
accelerator: Vittorazi
prop: Skymax
chassis: Skymax Standard

Price doesn’t include delivery and case.


Public price for frame SkyMax Standard only is 600 euro. 

You can choose engine, harness, propeller.




Moster 185 Silent 
+ 0 euro

+ 0

SkyMax wooden
+ 0

Moster 185 Plus 
+ 100 euro

APCO split leg 
+ 190 euro

Helix carbon 
+ 0

Moster 185 Dual/ Electro
+330 euro

Sky Paragliders
+ 240 euro

E-props Vittorazi carbon 
+ 50 euro


+ 276 euro

E-props 3х/4х blade
+ contact us




For this paramotor you can choose any engine (Vittorazi, EOS, Polini, Cors-Air, Cisco Motors, etc.).

For price and details, please, contact us.

*Price doesn’t include delivery and case









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