Paramotors and accessories
Paramotors and accessories
SkyMax Paramotors
Titanium paramotors from Russia.
Truly light and reliable.
SkyMax Star
Many pilots start out with heavy powerful paramotors.
But eventually realize that lightness is king.
SkyMax Star is the answer for those,
who seeks for lightness, rigidity and strength
in a high-tech execution and elegant look.

SkyMax Paramotors is part of a company, specialized on manufacturing products for nuclear, oil and gas, aerospace industries. We use the most advance technologies and high spec machinery for precise manufacturing. Paramotors are designed by experienced engineers in cooperation with SkyMax Test Pilots. Each paramotor and its frame undergoes rigorous quality control checks during every stage of production.

Lightweight and rigidity are achieved by using unique frame design, as well as using titanium and aircraft grade aluminum — materials widely used in aerospace industries.

Many pilots start out with heavy paramotors, but pilots eventually realize that lightness is king. For foot launching, the lighter the paramotor, the easier it will be to stand up, launch, and do anything else you have to do with a paramotor on the ground.

Here is some information about  our core product – the SkyMax Star frame:

Technical characteristics:

  • Net weight 4,7 kg (5,1 kg including fuel tank)
  • Cage diameter 1412 mm
  • Frame material — air-craft grade aluminum,
  • Cage, horns and rods material — titanium.
  • Soft fuel tank for 15l (18l as an option)
  • Net material — Dyneema
  • Horns — S-type
  • Throttle – Vittorazi
  • Torque compensation System installed as standard
  • Cross Bar Weight Shift System installed as standard

Why does pilots choose SkyMax Star?

  • lightest in it’s class — 5.1 kg incl. fuel tank
  • most rigid due to the shape and materials used
  • soft fuel tank — light, strong, no smell, fuel economy
  • any paramotor engine can be installed
  • Torque Compensation System
  • Cross Bar Weight Shift System
  • elegant appearance
  • suitable for begginners and experts
  • reasonably priced
(РУС) СкайМакс – официальный дистрибьютер компании Vittorazi – открывает предзаказы на установки "Звезда" и "Пульсар" с новым инжекторным двигателем Мостер 185 EFI. _______________________________ В России и только у нас!
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