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SkyMax Expedition + EOS Booster

SkyMax Expedition + EOS Booster

Light and agile Expedition by SkyMax. 

New light and compact model paired with EOS Booster engine (60kg of thrust) weighs under 17,8kg/39.6lb including carabiners.

SkyMax Harness is 2kg/4.4lb.

The combination of titanium, carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum allowed us to use minimum materials without loosing any properties. Frame is rigid, very light and compact even with the cage hoop (1412 mm).

Foot launch like you’ve never foot launched before.

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Manufacturer:  SkyMax Paramotors / EOS
Combined Weigth: 17,8 kg / 39lb
Engine: EOS Booster 100
Thrust: 60 kg / 130lb
Harness weight: 2 kg / 4,4lb
Materials: Almg alloy, titanium, carbon fiber.
Prop: EOS-10C


Engines Harnesses Propellers
EOS Booster
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SkyMax wooden 
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  APCO split leg
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Helix carbon
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  Sup’Air Paramoteur
+ 276 euro
E-props Vittorazi carbon
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    E-props 3/4 blade
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Skymax Expedition – made for adventures!

Weight includes: Chassis, SkyMax Harness, EOS engine, all you will need is a paraglider.
Titanium S-bars, Titanium cage, Titanium struts.

Carbon fiber beams.
Hand woven dyneema mesh.
SkyMax Fuel Cell/soft fuel tank.

EOS Booster engine weighs 9,75kg/21,5lb and made in Austria.

Expedition chassis/frame with fuel system weights only 4.5kg/9.9lb.

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