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SkyMax Expedition frame

SkyMax Expedition frame

SkyMax Expedition chassis:
Anodized aircraft grade aluminum alloy Frame/Chassis.
Titanium S-Bars.
Titanium Cage Hoop.
Titanium Struts.
Carbon Fiber beams.
Hand woven dyneema mesh/protection net.
SkyMax soft Fuel Tank(incl. Polini pump, fuel system lines)
Carbon fiber beam repair kit(3 spare carbon fiber beams)
Frame is not universal, due to weight saving, but we make custom frames for every engine type(Polini, Moster, EOS, Miniplane…).
Frame weight is only 4,5kg with the fuel tank.

  • _J6A2473
  • _J6A2372
  • _J6A4149
  • _J6A4135
  • _J6A4147
  • _J6A4144
  • _J6A4142
  • _J6A4140
  • _J6A4132